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Picture yourself building a knowledge graph on tech history

Setting up a note taking system and knowledge graph for my tech history reading project

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I hope everyone is having a great start to the week 😎

Yesterday, I made a short post on tech historians such as Walter Isaacson, Lisa Gitelman, and Tim Wu and their contributions to the space.

You can check it out here!

Today at a Glance 👓

Today is a short post covering my set-up process for the new tech history "masters" project I'm starting.

I set up a Roam graph today to map all my takeaways, insights, and questions related to the reading I'm doing. The goal is to learn everything there is about the history of technology.

Ideally, as I start to read a decent amount of the books I covered on Saturday's post, the knowledge graph should automatically help me produce a ton of insights into the subject.

Below are some screenshots of notes I took today, day 1.

Let's dive in 🚀

The Bigger Picture Graph

Naturally, as I start to use Roam more, I'll find different ways to better my usage. But as a start, I've identified 3 main angles I'll be using to keep track of this tech history reading project.

I'll be focusing on:

  1. Consistency: Daily tracking of my reading and research. The more I read, the more surface area I'm covering for potential topics to dive deeper into and write about. Also, by reading I waste less time planning and trying to over-optimize. Ultimately, the writing process should become a natural part of my research process and the focus should be on learning.

  1. Reading Sparks: Writing insights and questions from the books. It's important to be actively reading. I need to be recording down any thoughts and potential research topics down. There's a 99% chance that if you don't write the insights down as soon as they come, you'll probably forget it. This will help me also expand my knowledge graph with new topics I can learn more about.

  1. Research Topics: Going deeper on insights & questions that stood out to me. As I read and write my thoughts down, I'll naturally be excited and curious about researching certain topics more. Consider those the "gold nuggets" that excite me. That's exactly what I should be writing about at the end of the day - topics that I find interesting and am excited to learn more about.

For right now, I'm sticking to roam - I looked into obsidian for a bit but Roam seems good to me for what I'm going for. I've tried using it before a couple of times but never got the hang of it. This time around it's really starting to make more sense for me with this project, so let's see how it goes.

Hopefully, the knowledge graph starts to really look rich in ideas after I get through a couple of books. It'll be exciting to see what the final product (if there is a final) ends up looking like. Maybe I add some sort of AI layer on top of the graph that people can query to learn anything about tech history? Not sure yet, but I'm excited to try the experiment out.

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